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Specializing in reducing taxes; business entities accounting, planning and tax preparation; planning for your lifetime and your estate; helping trustees with trust administration, accounting and taxes.

Pictured from left: Cindy Hart, Don Ralls, Steve Ralls, David Lightfoot, Kathy So, and John "Jack" Lightfoot


Dear Clients and Friends,

We all breathe a sigh of relief that the April filing deadline is behind us.  Many of you have questions about the 2018 tax rules.  It might make sense to come in to discuss your income and deductions for this year.  Let’s discuss some possible actions to reduce your overall tax burden. While you are at it, let’s map out your personal “big picture” for your future dreams and goals.

Our overriding advice is to please contact us before you make any major financial decision.  We are here to help you avoid mistakes and take advantage of opportunities.  All of us at Lightfoot, Ralls & Lightfoot, C.P.A.s, LLP look forward to helping you with your financial needs.

Some of the staff has been rotating out of the office to take some well deserved days off.  We still maintain year round staffing on weekdays to help you.  If one of us is out of the office on a vacation, someone else will be available to help you with your urgent question.  

Please check out the Our Resources tab below which contains many short but helpful articles on finances and tax planning.  Sign up for our free E-mail newsletter (linked above right) to receive a monthly presentation of timely tax articles and tax planning tips.  

Wishing you all the best,                           
John, Don, David, Cindy, Kathy, Steve, Debbie, Tom and Suzanne


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